Magic Strap - LED Flashlight Glove

The Must Have Tool & Accessory for 2018 / 2019!

Zamplo Products is proud to present the Magic Strap LED Flashlight Glove. 

This powerful flashlight straps onto your hand providing light right at your fingertips...literally! Wherever you point, the flashlight will shine! 

Perfect for :

- increased visibility when out for walks
- dog walkers
- mechanics who need to see what they're working on in dark places (without having to worry about balancing a flashlight & while enjoying the total free use of your hands)
- early morning fisherman or hunters
- camping
- emergency preparedness
- late night activities

The perfect gift & the must have addition to any emergency gift!  This handy flashlight glove small, light-weight and waterpoof! 

Fits all hand sizes - large and small!


For a limited time, the Magic Strap LED Flashlight Glove is being offered with Free Shipping. Offer may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Zamplo.


Due to increase demand, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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