Floating Fish Net

Fishing is fun yet busy work, But with the floating fish net, you have one more hand free to play your catch, photograph and even harmlessly release your catch if you choose.  Take it easy on your fish and on you with our hands-free floating fish net.

A quick release, hands free fish net that floats! (patent pending)

The “Release-Right” is a big 29” net, yet comes stowed in a coiled 3-ring shape only 11” wide and at only 12 ounces, you can store it almost anywhere. Deploy the net by simply tossing it out over the water next to your boat and Voila!…it opens and lands floating with a 24” deep holding well to keep your catch.

The net attaches to the side of your boat so it’s not going anywhere, nor is your catch: fish STAY in the net.

No worries about your prize catch jumping out. Directly beneath the floating frame is a 9” solid black curtain. This dark ring just below the water’s surface drives the fish deep down into the bottom net material that reaches to 24” below the surface.

  • Size: Big 29” opening
  • Size coiled/stowed, 11″
  • Weight: 12 oz.

Due to huge demand shipping can take between 3-5 weeks.


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